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Special Issue: Social Media and Political Change: Capacity, Constraint, and Consequence

April 11, 2012 Comments off

Special Issue: Social Media and Political Change: Capacity, Constraint, and Consequence (free full text of all articles)

Journal of Communication
This introductory essay highlights the key findings, methodological tool kit, and production process of this Special Issue. We argue that communication researchers are uniquely positioned to analyze the relationships between social media and political change in careful and nuanced ways, in terms of both causes and consequences. Finally, we offer a working definition of social media, based on the diverse and considered uses of the term by the contributors to the collection. Social media consists of (a) the information infrastructure and tools used to produce and distribute content that has individual value but reflects shared values; (b) the content that takes the digital form of personal messages, news, ideas, that becomes cultural products; and (c) the people, organizations, and industries that produce and consume both the tools and the content.

Country Analysis Brief: Azerbaijan

January 17, 2012 Comments off

Country Analysis Brief: Azerbaijan
Source: Energy Information Administration

Azerbaijan is an important current and future supplier of both oil and natural gas. The conflicting claims over the maritime and seabed boundaries of the Caspian Sea between Azerbaijan and Iran cause continued uncertainty, with Iran insisting on an even one-fifth allocation of the Caspian Sea and challenging Azerbaijan’s hydrocarbon exploration in disputed waters. Its importance continues to grow, particularly as it becomes an increasingly important supplier of natural gas to Europe.


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