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Transfer & Mobility: A National View of Pre-degree Student Movement in Postsecondary Institutions

March 10, 2012 Comments off

Transfer & Mobility: A National View of Pre-degree Student Movement in Postsecondary Institutions
Source: National Student Clearinghouse

In our second Signature Report, we analyze students’ transfer behaviors to better understand their postsecondary pathways. A detailed view of transfer rates is critical in helping institutions and policymakers develop strategies and policies that facilitate successful outcomes. Among the study’s findings:

  • One third of all students transferred at least once within five years.
  • The majority of transfers occurred in students’ second year, regardless of the direction of transfer (i.e., vertical, lateral or reverse). Although a surprising number of students made their first transfer in the fourth and fifth years.
  • Part- and full-time students had similar transfer rates over five years.
  • Over one quarter of all transfers crossed state lines, which, among other things, demonstrated the limitations of institution and state-based enrollment reporting.

The complete Signature Report includes detailed transfer summaries and related tables; color charts broken down by institution sector and control, part- and full-time student transfer rates and timing, in- and out-of-state transfers, and insight and future recommendations from the authors.

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