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AON 2012 Political Risk Map

February 22, 2012 Comments off
Source:  AON
The map measures the political risk of 167 counties and  territories. Significant risks are shown for exchange transfer; sovereign non-payment; political interference; supply chain disruption; legal and regulatory risk; and personal violence.

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Global Pension Risk Survey 2011; US Survey Findings

October 26, 2011 Comments off

Global Pension Risk Survey 2011; US Survey Findings (PDF)
Source: AON

For corporate defined benefit plans in the United States, the calamitous decade since the collapse of the tech stock bubble in 2000 marked a turning point. In 2010, large corporate plans are commonly closed to new entrants and many of those are completely frozen—committed to paying only those benefits earned by employees in past years. A decade of declining interest rates and low, single-digit equity returns finds most pension plans reporting sizable deficits. In many cases, their sponsors acknowledge that these deficits won’t go away on their own—large cash contributions will be required to fill them.

Given the current picture, it would be easy to miss the transformation that is occurring. Our 2011 Aon Hewitt US Pension Risk Survey finds this transformation taking place in the attitudes, strategies, and governance practices of plan sponsors. This transformation is taking place at plans large and small, underfunded and well funded, open, closed, and frozen. In our view, this represents one of the most important shifts in pension plan investment management practices since the 1980s.

2011 U.S. Industry Report: Technology and Communications

September 28, 2011 Comments off

2011 U.S. Industry Report: Technology and Communications
Source: Aon

The technology industry has long succeeded on the heels of innovation and information being readily available to drive growth and decisions. As organizations capitalize on emerging technology within the fields of mobile, cloud computing, social media and privacy, the opportunity to continually innovate while utilizing the most relevant and available information is critical to success.

As risks in technology continue to evolve, it is important for technology companies to access the most up-to-date information and data-driven insights so they can make fast and right decisions. With our operations in more than 120 countries staffed by 59,000 colleagues, Aon is uniquely positioned to assist clients in this endeavor. Aon’s Technology and Communications (T&C) Industry Report is such an example.

Our second annual T&C report captures the perspectives of the world’s leading risk professionals from the T&C industry and joins that with proprietary research and databases such as Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey and Aon’s Global Risk Insight Platform® (Aon GRIP). We provide this report to allow organizations to benchmark their risk management and risk financing practices and help them identify practices or approaches that may improve the effectiveness of their own risk management strategies.

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Chile: One Year On

March 2, 2011 Comments off

Chile: One Year On (PDF)
Source: Aon

The Maulé earthquake was the event of the decade for insured natural catastrophes in Latin America. Ultimate insured losses are expected to settle at USD8.5 billion making Maule the costliest insured earthquake since the 1994 Northridge event in California.

The event served as a test of the Chilean insurance market, throwing into the spotlight its contingency plans, the regulatory framework, construction codes and ultimately the effectiveness of the reinsurance market. Overall, the system designed to protect the public and insurance companies proved effective.

From a reinsurance perspective, insurance companies were able to see that their cover not only provided an accretive form of capital, but that they had purchased sufficient limits to protect their balance sheets and meet their obligations to the insureds of Chile. The majority of the insured losses were reinsured in the international market; roughly 95% of which were ceded via reinsurance.

This report examines the science behind the event, lessons learnt for the insurance industry and future expectations. Aon Benfield’s goal is to deliver relevant research to insurers and reinsurers underwriting risks in both Chile and some of the world’s most earthquake prone areas. We aim to create a more risk aware world so clients, governments and non-governmental groups are better able to protect and grow their organizations in the face of natural hazards and accompanying socio-economic risks.

Expertise is drawn from Aon Benfield’s broking and Analytics teams, including onsite visits, coupled with scientific knowledge from the Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Centre.


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