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PNC Women Business Owners Outlook Survey — Part II

August 10, 2011 Comments off

PNC Women Business Owners Outlook Survey — Part II
Source: PNC

Key Findings:
A majority of women business owners nationwide are seeking growth in the next two years, but many are hesitant to increase their prices or take on risk in the face of rising costs and a stubborn U.S. economy.
The findings from the second phase of the PNC Women Business Owners Outlook also show that many women owners rely on trying new ways of doing things to make business decisions as they endure the slow economic recovery.


  • Sky’s the limit: Women owners have high aspirations for growth despite the lagging economy. Eight out of ten owners hope to grow their business at least a moderate amount. This compares to 11 percent who plan to reduce, sell or close their business.
  • Risky business? The majority of women owners are looking to avoid risk. Only four in 10 (39 percent) are willing to accept moderate risk to grow their businesses, compared to 60 percent who prefer a conservative or balanced approach.
  • Who’s online: More than half of women business owners report using social media for their business. Facebook leads the way, with four in 10 citing usage of the popular social networking tool.

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