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What Do Boomer Women Want from Cosmetic Companies? Not What They’re Selling

April 23, 2012 Comments off

What Do Boomer Women Want from Cosmetic Companies? Not What They’re Selling
Source: Vibrant Nations

In our recent survey, Baby Boomer women told us that cosmetic and skincare companies aren’t telling her what she really wants to hear about their products.

Ninety percent of our survey respondents told us that they use different skincare and cosmetic products than the ones they used at age 30 or 40. And only half said that they are still buying brands they bought 10-20 years ago. Brand loyalty among these women – and more than 10 million are in their late 40s and early 50s – is almost completely up for grabs. Cosmetic companies should be fighting hard to win this woman for the next stage of her life.

But if companies want to win this Boomer woman, they’re going to have a use a different message than many of them do today, because she is not only buying different products, she is also looking for them to answer dramatically different needs than she did 10 or 20 years ago.

+ Full survey results (PDF)


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