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AU — Escan 2011

March 14, 2011 Comments off

Escan 2011
Source: Innovation & Business Skills Australia

IBSA’s Environment Scan (Escan) underpins our advice to governments and other stakeholders on skills and workforce development issues across our six industry sectors; Business Services, Cultural and Creative Industries, Financial Services, Information and Communications Technologies and Telecommunications, Printing and Graphic Arts and Training and Education.

Escan 2011 presents a detailed, evidence-driven analysis of the social, demographic, technological, economic and labour market environments influencing workforce development and skills demand, along with emerging cross-industry issues and is available now.

Escan 2011 addresses the following key areas:

  • skills and workforce development priorities for IBSA’s six industries
  • priorities for Training Package continuous improvement
  • apparent or emerging industry productivity and skilling issues

+ Full Report (PDF)


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