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The Current State of Multiculturalism in Canada and Research Themes on Canadian Multiculturalism, 2008-2010

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The Current State of Multiculturalism in Canada and Research Themes on Canadian Multiculturalism, 2008-2010 (PDF)
Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

In the spring of 2008, the Multiculturalism and Human Rights Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage commissioned six academics to conduct a socio-economic scan of the regions of Canada and to come up with research themes on Canadian multiculturalism that would be the focus of the branch for the next two years.

The authors of the six regional reports conducted both literature reviews and interviews to help identify appropriate research themes for the upcoming 2008–2010 period. Each regional report identified 6 to 8 possible themes, for a total of 48 proposed themes. This report will both catalogue the regional proposals for research themes and attempt to consolidate them into a more manageable list.

Some of the 48 themes relate to issues that are unique to particular provinces or localities. In general, however, the reports exhibit a remarkable degree of consistency in their underlying themes and concerns. Indeed, despite the regional variations, there appears to be a broad consensus across the country on the importance of a handful of issues that are crucial to the future of multiculturalism in Canada. This report will attempt to articulate the consolidated research themes in a way that reflects these common concerns, while also leaving room for regional variations in how these topics are developed and studied. While the regional authors were primarily asked to identify new research themes, they were also invited to comment on the research themes that were adopted for the previous period of 2006–2008. In this report, therefore, I will begin by summarizing some of their comments about the 2006–2008 themes, and then move on to their proposals for the 2008–2010 themes. The consolidation will be preceded by an essay on the current state of Canadian multiculturalism.

The ten new research themes for 2008–2010 are the following:

  1. Adapting Multiculturalism to Religious Diversity
  2. Racism and Discrimination
  3. Labour Market Integration
  4. Immigration Beyond the Metropolis
  5. Implications of Security Issues for Multiculturalism
  6. The Future of Multiculturalism
  7. Relating Multiculturalism to Aboriginal Peoples
  8. Vulnerable Groups: Women and Youth/Second Generation
  9. Patterns of Ethnic Community Formation
  10. Multicultural Readiness in Service Delivery

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