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Depression in Teens Who Were Adopted: What Families Need to Know

April 22, 2012 Comments off

Depression in Teens Who Were Adopted: What Families Need to Know (PDF)
Source: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Parenting teenagers can often trigger your own memories of growing up and the roller coaster ride of emotions, drama, unpredictability, and the need to fit in. You may be realizing that being a teenager today is more complicated than ever due to the steady stream of social media in all its various forms.

Now as the parent of a teen who was adopted, your role has become even more challenging as you need to keep in mind the extra layers of teen emotions and identity issues that come with being adopted.

You may be wondering what is considered typical teenage behavior and what requires more immediate attention. This tipsheet focuses on whether your teen may be going through a temporary phase, or instead, may be suffering from teen depression.


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