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UK — Ofcom reveals most complained about major telecoms providers

May 7, 2011 Comments off

Ofcom reveals most complained about major telecoms providers
Source: Ofcom

The most complained about major telecoms providers were today revealed by Ofcom, based on all consumer telecoms complaints received by Ofcom between October 2010 and February 2011.

On average, Ofcom receives 450 telecoms complaints per day about a range of issues including mis-selling, billing errors, lack of service and customer service problems, which reflects the complexity of the telecoms market.

Ofcom believes that publishing regularly this information about the telecoms complaints it receives will:

  • encourage competition, by letting consumers know about the individual performance of providers;
  • be useful for consumers: alongside other things, this data may be relevant to those considering a new service or provider; and
  • incentivise telecoms providers to improve their performance.

In addition to information about telecoms complaints, consumers may wish to consider a range of information when thinking about a communications service, such as price and network quality of service. For example, Ofcom accredits price comparison websites and also publishes information about broadband speeds.

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