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Introducing the Postal Freedom Index — 2012 Edition

January 20, 2012 Comments off
Source:  Consumer Postal Council
The Consumer Postal Council is pleased to present its Index of Postal Freedom, 2012 Edition. Inside, you will find updated versions of many of the highlights from last year’s index, including original analyses of postal service around the world that discuss factors such as liberalization, regulation, competition and the involvement of national posts in offering financial and other non-postal services.
This year, we have updated the Index to include the most recent facts and figures as reported by national posts around the world and also to consider important events and developments ranging from postal liberalization initiatives in the European Union to the implications of the 2011 Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. We have added new countries to the Index, like Turkey and Switzerland, and included an exciting new feature we call “Market Comparisons,” analyzing aspects of postal service of particular interest to the world’s postal consumers.

Index of Postal Freedom


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