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Revolution in Creative Logistics Drives Leaner, Greener, More Cost-Effective Supply Chain

February 24, 2012 Comments off
Source:  Environmental Defense Fund
New technology and thinking are unlocking a raft of previously unattainable economic and environmental efficiencies in the vast commercial shipping industry, according to the “Smart Moves” report released this week by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to kick off a new collaborative with logistics providers, shippers and other experts. The initiative is designed to accelerate the adoption of industry-leading best practices.
“Transport and logistics providers and the companies they work for are looking beyond traditional measures, across multiple modes and competitive boundaries for creative ways to save fuel, cut costs, and improve environmental performance,” said Jason Mathers, who leads the EDF initiative. “Our role is bringing together leading innovators from different sectors to catalog and quantify the results, and spread the best solutions as far and fast as possible.”
Building on transportation success stories that include partnerships with Walmart, FedEx and others, EDF experts will be working closely with a select group of shippers, transportation companies and academic researchers to develop, demonstrate and disseminate better, cheaper, less emissions-intensive ways to transport commercial cargo of all kinds.

Full Report (PDF)


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