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The 2011 Racial and Gender Report Card: Major League Baseball

April 22, 2011 Comments off

The 2011 Racial and Gender Report Card: Major League Baseball (PDF)
Source: Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports , University of Central Florida

Major League Baseball continues to demonstrate an outstanding record on the issue of racial and gender hiring practices. However, after steady improvement in both areas for several years, this year there were decreases in the percentages of people of color and women in several categories. Overall, baseball received an A for race and a B- for gender in the 2011 Report Card. The Racial and Gender Report Card annually asks, “Are we playing fair when it comes to sports? Does everyone, regardless of race or gender, have a chance at bat or to operate a team?”

Baseball’s grade for race dipped slightly from 92.5 to 91.6, while its grade for gender dropped from 82 to 79.3. Baseball’s overall score for the 2011 Report Card is 85.5, which is lower than the 2010 score of 87.3 that was MLB’s best-ever combined score. MLB’s combined grade for 2011 is a B+.


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