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Potomac Health Weakens as Population, Development Increase

January 15, 2012 Comments off

Potomac Health Weakens as Population, Development Increase
Source: Potomac Conservancy
From press release (PDF):

The Potomac Conservancy released its fifth annual State of the Nation’s River report, scoring the rivers’ health at a barely passing “D” grade, a downgrade from the group’s previous D+ in 2007. The report points to reasons for the low grade: growing population and poor land use practices are the primary culprits for a polluted and degraded Potomac River. The report also focuses on the two worlds of the Potomac, the rural farms and mountains to the west and the urban cityscape in the south.

These “two worlds” pose different challenges to the Nation’s River. According to the report, upstream, forestry and farming practices play a big role in influencing the river’s health; downstream, sprawling building projects and sewage treatment challenges loom large.

+ 2011 State of the River report (PDF)
+ Potomac Agenda (11/10/11)
+ State of the Nation’s River 2011 Web Page


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