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SCORE and Partners Release Rural Education Roadmap

August 29, 2011 Comments off

SCORE and Partners Release Rural Education Roadmap
Source: State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE)

The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) today released a report outlining specific recommendations to improve public education in rural communities in the South. The recommendations in Transforming the Rural South: A Roadmap to Improving Rural Education are based on research, best practices, and voices from rural communities across Tennessee and throughout the Southeast. The report, released jointly with the Ayers Foundation, Niswonger Foundation, Rural School and Community Trust, and the Tennessee School Boards Association, follows the Southeast Regional Rural Education Summit, which was held in Nashville on July 19-20, 2011.

“In Tennessee and across the South, the success and economic vibrancy of our rural communities are critically tied to quality public education,” SCORE President and CEO Jamie Woodson said. “The priorities and action items detailed in this report serve to highlight not only what must happen inside the classroom and the school house, but also what needs to happen in the community to improve rural education.”

The report outlines six priorities, with action items for each priority. The priorities include:

  • Highlighting the connection between education and economic development
  • Offering schools and districts more flexibility
  • Forming a pipeline of effective teachers
  • Using technology to meet instructional needs
  • Creating professional learning communities for administrators
  • Forming partnerships to enhance educational opportunities

+ Full Document (PDF)


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