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Top 10 Jury Verdicts of 2011

January 30, 2012 Comments off

Top 10 Jury Verdicts of 2011
Source: Lawyers USA

The overall size of the Top Ten Jury Verdicts increased substantially in 2011.

The average increased by $27 million, rising from nearly $157 million to just under $184 million. By contrast, the average for 2010 increased by around $12 million over 2009.

In 2011, the top award was slightly lower – $482 million versus $505.1 million in 2010.

But after the #1 verdict, the drop was much less steep this year as compared to last year: the #2 award was $322 million, and the #3 award was $212 million. The lowest award in this year’s Top Ten was nearly $90 million, almost $10 million more than the #10 award in 2010.

The year’s top verdict went to a Philadelphia radiologist on his claim that a medical stent manufacturer willfully infringed his patent. The #2 award – the largest single plaintiff’s asbestos verdict in U.S. history – went to a Mississippi man who sued two companies for failing to warn of the dangers of asbestos particles he claimed he inhaled at work. (That award was vacated in December 2011.)

And two of the Top Ten this year involved a rash of hepatitis C infections caused by contaminated vials of anesthetic at Las Vegas colonoscopy and endoscopy clinics, the same litigation that gave rise to the #1 verdict last year.


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