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Do Bad Guys Ever Sleep?

July 8, 2011 Comments off

Do Bad Guys Ever Sleep?
Source: Trulia

After we brought crime maps into the world, we decided take a deeper look at when crime typically happens throughout the day in 25 big cities across the country. What did we find? Well, as the old adage goes, crime doesn’t pay…but it sure does look like it’s working 9 to 5 (plus a nightshift) in some cities.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details about when crime happens throughout the day, let’s clear the air about what our crime data is really telling us. You see, there is no uniform way for reporting crime. Police agencies in SF have a different system then the cops in Miami….so on and so forth. So technically speaking, what you’re really looking at here is when crime gets reported as opposed to when criminals strike. So with that prelude, here’s the scoop …

3AM: When the Devil’s Off Duty
According to the “Exorcism of Emily Rose,” 3AM is the devil’s hour, but backed by hundreds of thousands of data points over a bunch of cities, we disagree. Judging by the volume of crime at this hour, it looks pretty safe to us.

Check it out – so if you made graphs illustrating when criminal activity goes up and down over a 24 hour period for a bunch of U.S. cities (which we did), and then overlaid them on top of each other (look at the pretty picture below if you’re not following), you’ll see a very distinct early morning dip in crime between 3AM and 7AM. Conclusion: it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be struck by a smooth criminal in the dead of the night ‘cause the devil appears to be crashed out during his allotted “hour.”


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