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The Arts and Australian Education: Realising potential

May 5, 2011 Comments off

The Arts and Australian Education: Realising potential (PDF)
Source: Australian Council for Educational Research

Professor Ewing’s arguments are focused on what the Arts can offer all children, not just the talented, and she also addresses the claims of arts educators about both the intrinsic benefits and/or the necessity of the arts, and particularly their instrumental purposes within pedagogy and curriculum. The thorough survey of the research and scholarship in the field is woven within a tapestry of descriptions of exemplary projects and programs, which not only illustrate her themes, but provide rich insights into the nature of the Arts, individually and collectively, their distinctions and commonalities, and their place in education and in the community more broadly.

The publication is timely, appearing at a unique point in the uneasy history in our society of the relationship between the Arts and education. It is a golden moment of opportunity for both, though a few might still see it as a threat. For the first time since European settlement, there is about to be a national curriculum for all Australia, and one which, for the first time, mandates the Arts of dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts as a basic entitlement for all Australians.


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