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Small Modular Reactors – Key to Future Nuclear Power Generation in the U.S.

December 16, 2011 Comments off
Source:  Energy Policy Institute at Chicago (University of Chicago)

The study team has been conducting an extensive analysis of the economics of both gigawatt (GW)-scale reactors and small modular reactors (SMRs). This technical paper provides results to date regarding the SMRs. Topics covered include the safety case; economics; the business case and a business plan; government incentives; licensing, design, and engineering; and future research. Capital cost estimates cover a range of categories, including the plant capital costs for the nuclear steam supply system, turbine building, and balance of plant; costs for engineering and construction services; owner’s costs and contingencies; and escalation and financing costs. Ongoing research is focusing on the learning process for SMRs. The study team is also releasing a companion paper on a review of overnight cost estimates for GW-level reactors.


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