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Spineless Wonders: Welfare and Use of Invertebrates in the Laboratory and Classroom

July 6, 2011 Comments off

Spineless Wonders: Welfare and Use of Invertebrates in the Laboratory and Classroom
Source: ILAR Journal (Institute for Laboratory Animal Research)
From Introduction:

Debating and solving the ethical and welfare issues that are often taken for granted when dealing with laboratory vertebrates in general and mammals in particular for “advanced invertebrates” will provide a useful learning process that will inform best practice when considering invertebrates that lack legal protection. The difficulties likely to be encountered should not be underestimated. Even Russell and Burch (1959, 6) in their classic Principles of Humane Experimental Technique avoided the issue: “The higher invertebrates perhaps deserve a review to themselves, but they raise many problems which would gravely complicate an account which can otherwise be quite general and confident.”

The papers in this special issue cover four major aspects of invertebrates in the laboratory: (1) the use of invertebrates in biomedical and related research, (2) the culture and maintenance of invertebrates, (3) evidence for pain and suffering and their alleviation, and (4) attitudes and their influence on regulation and oversight. Each of these will be reviewed briefly before concluding this introductory overview with some comments about future directions.


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