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Drinking Water Security and Public Health Disease Outbreak Surveillance

March 15, 2011 Comments off

Drinking Water Security and Public Health Disease Outbreak Surveillance (PDF)
Source: Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest

The US Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the distribution system, rather than the source, is the point at which our drinking water is most vulnerable to acts of deliberate contamination. Therefore, they have directed that prototypes be developed to test the feasibility of novel approaches to contamination detection that employ existing water sensors and public health surveillance systems. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is developing such a prototype that employs novel clustering and Bayesian network analysis to address the challenges of synthesizing disparate data types with different acquisition rates and with complex environmental and operational responses into a system that can provide the user with a measure of the likelihood of a waterborne disease outbreak. This paper describes these data challenges and how this novel approach and its components address them..,


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